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Markella (literally) grew up in Drama, a small town in the north of Greece. One day the good fairy Varvara (please see below) took her to TLS. She had so much fun that she forgot to leave!!!!! Besides improv, she uses genetics to turn a pumpkin into a carriage. Her friends truly believe that she is doing experiments in the kitchen.



Jacqueline has a degree in theatre from the University of Minnesota, Mankato. Since moving to Germany she has worked as a stage manager and an actor. In Frankfurt she has worked on LOFT productions The Tempest, Grounded, Where, and Twelfth Night, as well as the German premiere of Mordplan at the Interkulturelle Bühne.



Phil comes from London, England, and since moving to Frankfurt in 2009, his love of performing has taken centre stage. As well as improv, he’s dedicated his spare time to performing in plays and musicals. He’s also making his first forays into writing comedy and has started doing a bit of stand-up on the side. He enjoys having long, detailed discussions about TV shows.



Sunny is a displaced Ohioan who has been living in Frankfurt for over 30 years. She was mesmerised at her first improv show, hooked after her first class at Theatre Language Studio and now is a hopeless improv addict. Sunny is passionate about the martial arts and empowering women and girls through self-defense training.



Born in 1984 in Offenbach. So his strong German accent on stage is no fake. His mother was always worried that he would end up in a gang. Now it’s happened. Sure, he does not kill people, but he kills one or two jokes on stage.
Besides improv, his heart beats for Australian Football and thinking about what to write in a hypothetical internet profile.



Tom was born in Alsace, France, where he nursed his love for old bones and theatre. Fate struck during his studies sometime around 1999, when he joined the LUDI Poitiers and let “impro” (in French) enter his life. After peregrinating overseas, Tom moved to Frankfurt in 2008 and dared to improvise in English thanks to TLS Frankfurt. He is a wine, cheese, Star Trek, role playing, and Africa addict. He knows everything about aardvarks.



Varvara comes from Athens, Greece. She’s lived in Frankfurt since 2008. She discovered improv through TLS Frankfurt and she has enjoyed this journey to the fullest. She’s a dedicated movie fan and dance enthusiast, and her biggest pet peeves are stuffed animals and porcelain dolls.


Sidekicks Alumni



Ariana is from Virginia, and her love of dance and ability to pull the most incredible faces make her a natural on the stage. Her recent stand-up comedy debut has been drawing endless laughs as well, with its quirky and risqué subject matter. She graduated from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where her crowning achievement was defeating Lord Voldemort in an epic dance-off that sold 44 million books.



Carlos was born once in Caracas, Venezuela in the 80s, and again in Chicago, Illinois a few years ago. There’s no time to get into it so you’re going to have to take his word for it. He spends most of his time thinking about what came first, the chicken or the world state. He’s a graduate of the improv program at the iO training center in Chicago. He’s happy the Sidekicks welcome him back whenever his migratory cycle brings him to Frankfurt every two years to bury dissertation chapters deep in the sands of the Main river.



Daniel is from Philadelphia and came to Frankfurt two years ago to pursue research in neuroscience. After figuring out exactly how the brain works, he destroyed all his research to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands and now occasionally applies his theories to making people laugh.